Friday, November 12, 2010

November To Do List

I have quite a To Do list in my head of things I need or would like to finish before the end of the month. I know there is still a lot of time left in November but as I look at my calendar it seems all of my precious weekend sewing time is being eaten up by life this month. It seems as though this will be my last free weekend for a while.

Next weekend I'm probably going to have to work on Saturday and then my mom, grandmother and sister are flying in Saturday night because my incredible friend Candice is throwing me a bridal shower on Sunday - even though we're eloping. How incredibly sweet and thoughtful is that? My mom will stay on through the week and my dad will join us on Wednesday because that Thursday is American Thanksgiving. My wonderful and amazing fiance and I are hosting both sides of the family this year (minus my sister) for the first time. And guess who's doing all the cooking? They'll stay on through the weekend. And that brings us to December. Can you believe it? Phew.

But I don't want to slack on any of my commitments so this weekend (and then in any spare evening following) I need to make a dent in my To Do List.

1) November Bee Blocks for the Red and Aqua 2 Bee
2) November Bee Blocks for do. Good Stitches Bee
3) Stockings for the November project in A Dozen Quilters Bee
4) Modern Swappers: I have my secret partner's fabrics already. And I know exactly what I'm making. I even have the fabric picked out. I am just working on my prototype then I'll get to cutting into the Heather Ross I picked up just for this project. I wanted to prototype it with linen first so I didn't ruin the Heather Ross. I also have a plan for the decoration for my partner but it keeps changing.

This will hopefully turn into something really cool for my secret partner.

5) Bee Blocks for October's do. Good Stitches quilt. (Yes, October. But October was my month to quilt and I wanted to get all of the blocks in before I made my own blocks in case I needed to balance the quilt out and I'm waiting on two last blocks to come in.)
6) Quilt and send the October do. Good Stitches quilt.
7) Danita's Quilt (our friends Dan and Anita are having a boy sometime this month so I need to get cracking!)
Yikes! Those are all the NEED to do. I haven't even gotten to the WANT to do.

1) Finish Marc's Quilt. I am still waiting for two more blocks to come in and then I can finally get started on layout and piecing this quilt top together.
2) Jill's Bag. I started this and I need to finish it but I realized I laid out one of the panels incorrectly so I need to find the remaining fabric and re-cut a piece before I can continue.
3) Pillows for the couch. I have that fab Echino and City Weekend calling my name.

City Weekend just waiting to be used!

3) Apron. I would really like to make myself an apron.
4) Ironing board cover. Again, just a little side project to brighten up my sewing space.
5) Organize my sewing room. I am getting there, slowly, but still working primarily from the dining room at the moment.

My wants will have to wait. I need more hours in the day. Anyone know how I can swing that one?

I do have a bit of exciting information. You know those pillows by Anna Maria Horner I was "crushing" on yesterday? Well, Natalie had a brilliant idea: Why not just email AMH herself and ask her about the pattern. That possibility never even crossed my mind. So, last night I emailed AMH and she actually wrote me back! Turns out she is working on a larger version of that pattern and is planning on releasing it (for free) sometime soon! Yippee! And how sweet is she for responding to me personally? I can't wait!

One last thing, I want you all to know that I read each and every comment and I love hearing back from readers. I do my best to respond to every comment but lately I've had some "No Reply" comments that I haven't been able to answer. And I do my best to do some detective work and try and track down the "No Reply" commenters through their own blogs, etc. So if you haven't had a response from me, that's probably why. Keep the comments coming! I love reading them!


  1. lol sometimes the simplest answers are the best solutions! I am glad she wrote you back. I somehow just knew she would for you!

  2. Heavens , you're busy ! I'd be happy to achieve a quarter of that list .

  3. I saw this patchwork ironing board cover tutorial and thought of you: