Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quilters Needed

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know that I am passionate about sewing for charity. I think it's a great way to give back on both a local and a global level. Also, there are only so many quilts I can make for our house or friend's babies so making quilts and crafts for charity keeps me working and maintains my spirit of volunteerism that I cultivated at an early age.

I am currently involved in two charitable bees. I know you have heard me talk a lot about do. Good Stitches that was founded by Rachel of Stitched in Color. We are currently looking for more Quilters to join by the end of the year so we can launch at least two new circles. If you're interested in being a Quilter (the Sewers waiting list is long) please run over there and sign up.

I also joined another charity bee in October called A Dozen Quilters. It's run similar to a traditional virtual quilting bee. Each month a different person hosts and the rest of the bee creates. The difference with this bee is the host each month picks a different charity project for the group and then the group sews whatever is being asked and then sends off their creations either to the host that month or directly to the charity that month. In October we were asked to each make a baby quilt to be donated to Project Linus. This month we're each making a stocking and sending it to the host for November. She is collecting the stockings and sending them to St. PJ's Children's Home in San Antonio, Texas. The stocking will be filled and given to the children at Christmas so each child in the home has their very own stocking. Unfortunately, one of the members of our bee had to leave the group so we are looking for someone to fill her spot. If you're interested please message me asap and I'll send you more details to get you set up.

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  1. I appreciate your creative & charitable work showcased here. I have too many sewing/knitting/decorating projects going on for the rest of this year but am intrigued by quilting, so maybe next year.... happy sewing!