Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Mail Day

Lucky me! I participated in my first Friday Night Sew In last month and I ended up winning their giveaway. I didn't even realize that there were potential prizes for participating. (How's that for alliteration?) So when Heidi contacted me to tell me I won something, imagine my surprise! So how excited was I when this little package arrived in my mailbox the other day?

I can't wait to dive into this "Happy" charm pack. It's going to make a really cute little baby quilt don't you think? And the scrap basket is going to come in so handy. I can't wait to put it into use. That's what I call a great mail day.


In other news I also finished binding my quilt for A Dozen Quilters bee last weekend. I'm washing it tonight and sending it off to my local Project Linus chapter tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek...


Have a great Wednesday everyone! If everything goes well and I get out of the office at a decent hour I'm sewing tonight! Yea! And keep your eyes peeled because I'm quickly approaching 100 posts and I'll be hosting another giveaway in conjunction with post number 100!


  1. How fun! What is the purple thing?

  2. I'm not sure but I think we used some Happy in Ezzies Baby quilt in July. I liked some of the fabrics but most of them were a little too crazy and cartoony for my taste.