Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When I Can't Quilt I Shop...


My wonderful and amazing fiance is going to be so mad at me by the time I get home from this trip! I finished up Dan and Sara's baby quilt soon after I arrived into San Francisco on the first leg of the trip. I did bring a scrap of fabric from that quilt with me so I could try my hand at some hexies, but with no machine and little fabric, alone on the road for a month what's a quilting girl to do? Buy Fabric, of course!

I was able to restrain myself in San Francisco, although I am not as good as you may think. I had it all plotted out in my head. My only "free" days in the city (and I use the word free lightly because I have a ton of work to do even on the days we're not shooting) were July 3 - 5. I knew everything would be closed on the 4th and most fabric stores would also be closed on the 5th for the American holidays so my plan was to sneak into the city to my favorite fabric stores on the morning of the 3rd, right after I got my pedicure. Instead, I ended up on a plane headed home for the holiday.

But there were so many good Fourth of July sales out in the webisphere that I had to do a little indulging and fatten up my stash. (My wonderful and amazing fiance just received the first shipment the other day. He's home. I'm not. Just wait until the other two show up!)

Then today I needed a little retail therapy so a co-worker and I slipped out this morning and we made visit to a couple of Houston's finest fabric stores. We picked out fabrics for her because I promised to make her a new Set Bag as soon as I get home. And of course I couldn't escape without a little present for myself! I limited myself to three half yard cuts. How could you pass up a little Spa and some Nicey Jane? Come on?

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  1. Today must have been the day. I'm not supposed to buy anything either, and I ended up with four panels and 7 fat quarters. Whoops. Nice selection you have there!