Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Sew

I definitely made a dent in the studio clean up. I think I must have thrown five huge garbage cans worth of old papers and trash out on Friday. I got to a place on Friday where I could move freely in the space and I've identified what most everything is, but I couldn't really move forward without my husband or some new shelves. We got some new shelves yesterday and I'm planning to spent today getting everything back in order so it's in a place where I can, at least, start working again.

On Saturday, after an awesome chat with Natalie, I was able to finally make it to my very first LAMQG Saturday Sew. Our guild hosts these on the third Saturday of each month - kind of like mini-retreats. I debated over breaking out my new machine for the occasion, in fact I actually got as far as bringing the box out to the front yard with all of the rest of my stuff that I needed to load into my car, but I stopped myself and brought it back in the house. I am determined to wait to christen her in my new space. She's gonna need a name.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get my sewing mojo flowing at the Saturday Sew. It's all the way across town and when I unpacked I realized that I forgot to bring any cutting mats. Ugh. My plan was to work on several bee blocks so I needed to be able to cut. I used Liberty's mat in her space, but running back and forth just wasn't inspiring me. I can't tell you how many projects I picked up, worked on for a second and put down again. I just couldn't get motivated. Then I finally made some progress on the dresses I'm making for my nieces, only to discover that I didn't bring the matching thread I needed for the top stitching.

There was a light. Liberty facilitated another speed block for charity quilt. She brought a pile of yellow, pink and orange scraps from the retreat.

The rules were the same as before: Grab a handful of scraps from the pile and make a block in a half an hour. There were some incredible blocks. And Melody, who made her first block at the retreat in about two hours, was elated when she completed her block before the half hour deadline!

We decided not to sash this one. I think it was the right decision. These blocks just work so well together. So the Saturday wasn't all lost.

In other news, my sister-in-law's water broke last night so my nephew is on his way! I can't wait to meet him!


  1. I'm sorry your sewing mojo was off for the sew in. I have had that happen at a weekend retreat and it was very disappointing. The charity quilt came out great though!

    I'm excited for you Aunt Hollie! I hope the delivery goes well and that both mom and baby are safe and healthy!

  2. Aww, sorry your mojo ran away! Have fun with the new nephew :o)

  3. wow! that quilt top is fab... love the colors :)

  4. That's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Hopefully the rest of your room reorganization goes smoothly.

    1. Thanks. I actually took it off Liberty's hands and I'm going to quilt this one so you'll see more of it soon.