Friday, January 20, 2012

Slow Sewing Going


I am suffering from the same affliction that I've been hearing many others complain about lately... I just haven't had a lot of time to sew. I was supposed to be sewing my little heart out last weekend with one of my dear quilting friends, Natalie, unfortunately that trip was thwarted thanks to United Airlines. But, that is all going to change next week because I'm heading off for four days of unadulterated sewing bliss during the annual LAMQG retreat. (Yea!) Can I just tell you how excited I am?! I have been stealing moments here and there where possible to work on a couple small things, like finishing up a tablecloth I was commissioned to make for a friend...


And I've been working on another diaper bag for my sister-in-law who is expecting in March...


I even got the first block for my Echo Lone Star Quilt in the mail yesterday from the amazing Flaun. It's just getting me more and more excited about this quilt. I mean, I can't stop staring at it. And this thing is going to be a monster! I didn't have time to test the tutorial for this block before I sent out the materials to the rest of the Sewn Together Bee so I didn't know just how BIG these blocks were going to be. They're GINORMOUS! Seriously, 29" unfinished.


I did learn a valuable lesson from this one... Test out the tutorial first. Not because the blocks turned out massive, but because there was a mistake in the tutorial. It calls for the backing squares to be cut to 9" but later in the tutorial it references 9 1/4" squares. I didn't realize the mistake until the fabrics were cut and mailed off but it was brought to my attention by a fellow member of the bee when she started cutting her HSTs. So you can see on Flaun's that the HSTs are a little shorter than the other squares. I am hoping I can hide this in the seam allowance when I am piecing the top together without losing the points on the star. If that doesn't work I might have to replace a few along the way, by no fault of their own, but I think it might work out okay.

My To Do list for the retreat next weekend is about a mile long and includes several UFOs but I am most excited about diving into the project I'm making with that pretty fabric above. I can't tell you about that one now. I'm keeping that one under wraps at the moment. But it's pretty special. I'm also wrapping up this job very, very soon so I'll be sewing my little heart out a lot more in the near future.


  1. You do have a long list! Hope your retreat goes well.

  2. Oooh, have loads of fun at your retreat :o)

  3. I'm terrible. I've had time to sew but I've been feeling so lazy I've just been using my spare time to lounge on the couch and watch TV. I couldn't quite cope with idle hands though so I've been crocheting a LOT. It's not really my forte though!

  4. Oh, have fun at your retreat! It sounds like a lot of fun. And I can't wait to see what you make with that gorgeous fabric, it's beautiful. That huge bee block is awesome though even with the little 'mistake'.