Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mistake #4... Yes, you heard me... 4!


So after my "Stupid, Stupid!" moment in my adventures of sandwiching Ruthie's quilt I finally got down to quilting the darn thing. I decided early on that I wanted to do straight line quilting on the diagonal. Initially I had planned to criss-cross across each diagonal but three rows across I decided to abandon that plan - not because I don't think it would look cool (I totally do!) but because time is of the essence on this one. If I had a little more time I would have gone full force and created a cool X shape across the quilt but I really like the simplicity of the single angle diagonal. This change means that I need to rip out two rows of stitches (chalk it up to Mistake #4) but I thought that would be less time consuming than all the additional quilting.


I decided to stitch my lines straight through the corners of each square. To make sure my lines stayed straight through the sashing (I could eyeball the straight lines on the squares pretty well) I used my handy dandy ruler and my disappearing ink fabric pen. Worked like a charm and had it quilted in practically no time at all.


Up next: The Binding! Woot! My second favorite part, after piecing, of course. I had debated the binding here. And Natalie actually had a great suggestion for the binding. She suggested using a colored fabric with white polka dots to contrast the white of the sashing. I adored this suggestion and I searched high and low at a nearby fabric store for yellow fabric with white dots. Nothing! In fact the ONLY colored fabric with white dots they had (and there was truly only one) totally clashed with the backing fabric and the polka dots were too big for binding. Truly disappointing. Instead I settled for some Kona Banana for the binding, which won't be as good as Natalie's suggestion but it'll do.


The binding is on and now all I have left is to hand sew it on. And believe me after the week that I have already been having at work I need all the hand sewing I can get to help center me!

Oh! And if you haven't already hop on over to I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts Blog. Ryan is hosting an amazing giveaway... An AccuQuilt GO! cutter. Check it out!


  1. ooooh! I still really like the banana and now it ties in the fact that you have a couple of solids mixed in there. You'll probably find exactly what you were looking for the week after you give it to your friend lol. Sorry for picking something you couldn't find!

  2. Oh my! I love the backing and binding you decided to use. So nice!