Tuesday, September 14, 2010

do. Good Stitches September Blocks


I mentioned yesterday that it's difficult for me to find time to sew during the week, although sometimes I am able to squeeze in a few precious moments. Sadly, my weekends don't look much better. On the weekends, if I'm not working, I try and pack in as much quality time as I possibly can with my wonderful and amazing fiance. He sees so little of me during the week that we try and squeeze in as much time together as we can come Saturday and Sunday. Since my studio space isn't ready yet, I keep my machine in the dining room. It actually works out pretty well that way because if he wants to catch a couple innings of the baseball game I can just whip out the machine and get a few stitches done. Our dining room is connected to our living room so we're still in the same space together.

This past weekend I had one of those moments, but I figured I would put my scrappy pin cushion to the side until I could concentrate on it this weekend during my "Unadulterated Sewing Extravaganza" (that's what I'm calling it now) and instead I would get my blocks done for this month's Hope Quilt in the do. Good Stitches Bee. The Hope circle supports the charity Threading Hope which provides a quilt to children in need around the globe.

Krista asked for a slightly wonky, square within a square in blues, greens and whites. Her theory is that there are a lot of quilts out there in pinks and florals but it's probably harder to find quilts out there made for boys. I took this as an opportunity to dip into my stash of Alexander Henry (Spotted Owls and Entertaining Elephants) and Riley Blake (Wheels) that I have been saving for a little boy quilt. They're both finished at 12.5" square and they're off in the mail.


  1. I found you on Quilt Story! I really like the colors in these blocks, the fabric choices are wonderful. This will make some boy very happy.

  2. I love them both but the elephants are awesome!

  3. So so so cute!! I love the elephants especially!! Good work!!