Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost Art

I was going to post some pictures of my old projects and, sadly I can’t find them. I swore I had them on my external hard drive. I always took pictures of the baby blankets I made for friends before I gifted them, alas I can’t find them. It’s very sad. It adds to the frustration I’ve had with my hard drives lately. I love photography and wish that some day I could give up my day job (as much as I absolutely love what I do it is an extremely high stress environment full of long nights and weekends) and make a living as a travel photographer and writer. So I was quite upset when I discovered that the hard drive I use to store all of my photography was corrupted. Even more shocking was the price tag to recover the data, a whopping $1500. Yes, you heard me correctly. So my wonderful and amazing fiancé and I scoured all of our other hard drives and discovered that I, thankfully, had backed up more than I thought so all I am missing is my trip to Australia this past summer. While I am distraught over losing those pictures it’s not worth the price tag to recover them. And at least I posted my favorites from that trip on facebook so while I will never have the original files to make prints (it kills me!) I can at least post them at a resolution good enough for the web. So I suppose the point of my digression is back up your files… often! As for the missing photos of my old projects, that still is a mystery. The files are old enough they should have been on the back up drive. Hmmm…

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