Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks Grandma Patsy

A little bit about me as I start off my new blog. I’ve been crafting pretty much my entire life. My Grandma Patsy was a master when it came to crochet. As children we were fascinated as her fingers nimbly manipulated yarn and needle to create her masterpieces. Her afghans were cherished by all, in fact I still use them in my home today. All the granddaughters would plead with my grandmother to teach us how to crochet and her response was always, “You’re not old enough.” We would wait with bated breath for the day she would anoint us with her gift. In later years I discovered that her excuse was merely one to discourage us because she didn’t have the patience to teach but I was persistent and one day she finally tired of my constant pestering and she passed along her knowledge to me. This began a passion for crafting that has stayed with me through well into my adult life. My stitches will never be as tight or uniform as my Grandmother’s were, but I’m proud of the creations I’ve made thanks to her. This blog is dedicated to my Grandmother. She was my mentor, my inspiration and my best friend. I miss her every day.

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