Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preparing for Class

It looked for a moment, like this was going to turn into yet another case of “I’ll just learn to quilt another time.” I saw the class was being offered at the end of January for two Sundays but I had plans with the Cast B ladies for brunch on the date of the first class. I tried to get them to move the date of our brunch but some couldn’t so I was resigned to take the class another time. Sigh. I looked at the calendar of upcoming classes and sadly the quilting class wasn’t on the books for the months of February, March or April. Double Sigh. I’ll just have to wait until the summer. But miraculously, something came up and we changed our brunch to dinner and there was still space in the class so I signed up!

I picked out my fabrics after much debate over the color scheme. I settled on purple and orange patterns for the coins, a purple tree pattern for the back, sold purple cotton for the sashing and framing and solid orange for the binding. I am still nervous about how everything is going to come together. Seriously, I am doubting that it will look good together. But it’s my first project so we can forgive the ugly, right?

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