Thursday, March 8, 2012

Greetings From Seattle

Things are going to get quiet around here for the next month. Today I started a month of traveling. This morning I hopped on a plane headed to Seattle. I'm here for another board meeting. I spent most of the day wandering downtown, stopping in to my favorite spice and tea market on the planet. I tried to duck into a LQS, appropriately named Undercover Quilts, unfortunately it had a more traditional bent so I didn't go in. After my last meeting on Saturday I'll take the Red Eye to New York to meet my new nephew and see some friends, then I'm back home for a day to re-pack my bags before jaunting down to South America for three weeks. I am so excited I could scream. I'm doing this trip on my own. Sadly, the husband has to work. He's going to try to meet me in Buenos Aires for a week at the end of my trip if he can, but it's up in the air right now. So, expect an occasional post from me here and there, but I can't promise anything consistent (or craft related).

And of course that massive To Do List I was trying to complete before I took off remains unfinished.

1) MQG Showcase Quilt - DONE
2) Andrew's foot stool and coordinating pillows - HALF DONE (I did make 12 pillows of various sizes for him.)


3) Changing Tables - HALF DONE
4) Pay It Forward - DONE
5) Pillow Talk Swap 7 - DONE
6) Diaper Bag - UNFINISHED
7) Bee Blocks - UNFINISHED

So, now that I look at it, I made a respectable dent in it. The diaper bag and the changing tables can wait until I get back. It's not ideal, but it's fine. But I really, really want to try and get those bee blocks done before I leave the country. I have one day back at home and I'm going to try and squeeze the most egregious ones in between unpacking and repacking. I'll keep you apprised of my travels and I'll see you all when I get back!


  1. Oh, go back to Undercover Quilts! When I went there they had some beautiful local fabrics...and there are lots of quilt bloggers and on-line shops up there, like Wondrous Woven Fabric and Pink Chalk Fabrics! You're in one of my favorite cities in the country - eat some wonderful food and drink some Starbucks at the original shop for me!!

  2. Have loads of fun, both in Seattle and South America! Hope the husband can get away to join you too