Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PTS6 Sent!


My package for Round 6 of the Pillow Talk Swap is out in the mail traveling to it's new home. The pillow isn't exactly my style, but I think I gave my partner everything she asked for - at least I hope I did. I do love the color scheme of the white with lime and aqua. Those colors always work in my book.


Unfortunately after it was finished, I realized that I must have had some Kona Snow lying around with my Kona White because in the sunlight I noticed a couple squares off just a shade. Ugh. And it was too late to start over. I am sorry partner! Hope it's not too noticeable!


I added a zipper enclosure on the back and kept the back plain and simple white as I thought it would match my partner's desired color scheme. And, as always, I included some extras to round out the package... some lime and aqua Kona cotton, thread, pins, a seam ripper, some Pearle cotton embroidery thread and some cute buttons.


I really hope I was able to predict my partner's style and I hope she likes everything. As for me, I am waiting, anxiously, for my pillow to arrive. Which one will it be? I'm in love with so many of the creations I've seen in the Flickr group.


And I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays and this year we celebrated in Phoenix for a friend's 40th Birthday. For anyone who hasn't seen the new series "American Horror Story" on FX you should set your DVR! It's our new favorite show. It's so creepy! And my costume will make a lot more sense.


  1. Love your cushion, great colour combo :o)

  2. I watch that show too!! and OMG....CREEPY! you look so perfect though!!! great job with your costume!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very pretty pillow, Hollie! I think your swap partner will be amazed and pleased!!

  4. I love the pillow it is my style! The snow and white look pretty together. The costume oh my I thought it was a picture from a movie not you!

  5. Love the pillow! Lime and aqua are a great combo, although this is the first time I've really noticed them.