Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peek at Ruthie's Quilt Top


Ruthie's little quilt is coming together. I really haven't had any time to work on it since last weekend, but I wanted to give you a quick peek so you could see how it was coming along. I am really happy with how it is all falling into place. I think I am going to add one more row of the colored blocks and then one more row of white sashing and then I think the quilt top will be complete.


When I was at the fabric store last week I ended up buying this green stripped fabric for the quilt back. What do you think?


Now my only question is this: What to do about the binding? I saw some adorable white fabric with large polka dots (I think Michael Miller) but I decided against it because I thought maybe the polka dots would be too much with the stripes. Then I considered keeping it simple and going with a solid binding, in a soft yellow perhaps, to play off the yellow in the quilt top and contrast from the green in the quilt backing. Hummm. I'm not sure what to do yet and I need to make a decision soon. Any thoughts?


  1. LOVE IT! Love the backing! Love everything! I think a polka dot would look nice. Maybe with a yellow background and white dots?

  2. I think yellow would be perfect. But I am totally inexperienced in that area, having never actually bound any quilts yet. :)