Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paper Piecing Woes

Red & Blue 2 Bee March Block

Since I got home from Guatemala I've been busy catching up on blocks I needed to make for my virtual bees. I purposely left the first block in the Red and Aqua Bee Part 2 until after I returned from my trip. The block was a Colorwheel Geese block and was my first ever attempt at paper piecing. I tried to put it together before I left for Central America but I was having some difficulty learning how to paper piece so I figured I would have more time to focus on learning this technique when I returned home. I have to say that putting this block together gave me more than a few gray hairs. It was a labor of love. I hadn't been this frustrated sewing in a very, very long time. I had to rip out stitch after stitch over and over in my attempt to learn how to paper piece. Initially I would have thought that paper piecing would be easy but boy was I wrong. But after many failed attempts I finally got the square together and I must say I am pretty happy with the finished product. I love the design but I think it will be awhile before I attempt this one again.

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