Friday, February 6, 2015

I Miss Blogging

I miss blogging. It's been ages since I read any of the blogs I follow. My RSS Feed in my inbox is well over 3000 posts. And I miss writing my blog. I've been in a blog hibernation through my pregnancy and my boys' first year. But I have been sewing. And I've been sewing more and more lately. While I was pregnant I made stuff for the nursery, until I was too big and tired to sit in front of my machine. And then I started focusing on my Marathon Quilt, because hand piecing was easier. And up until I delivered I continued to attend LAMQG Meetings and serve as the Secretary for the board, so although I didn't have much to show, I was still around quilting. 

After the boys were born, things slowed down, of course. I March I stepped down my position as Secretary of the LAMQG. And I continued work on my Marathon Quilt, albeit slow, but I had two newborns so it's normal. Yet, for quilt a while now, I have been sewing. The boys usually take a good nap in the afternoon, so several times a week I find myself with a little time to escape into my studio and sew. I have been sewing. And I have finishes. I just haven't been blogging. And I miss it! I miss writing and I miss reading about other's journeys. I miss connecting with other creative people through blog posts and comments. I miss the creative inspiration.

I spend a lot of time posting on Instagram. But I have been missing my blog for a while now and I think, especially with QuiltCon coming up, it's really been making me homesick for my blog. I'll start by playing some catch up, and slowly, I hope to get back to visiting this space a lot more. And, when in doubt, you can always find me on Instagram. And at QuiltCon. Yep, I'm going (sans kids!!), are you? Let me know so we can connect!


  1. We've missed you too, Hollie - but those two cuties are adorable!

  2. Sometimes life just takes over, Congrats on your boys, a real blessing.

  3. Oh my gosh your boys are just too adorable! I recently found you on IG and was excited to see you are still sewing! I think a lot of us have been neglecting the blogs lately. IG is just so easy. Have a wonderful time at Quiltcon, wish I was going! It would be fun to meet up with everyone.

  4. I totally get it. I have 4 kids and the last 2 years have been insanely busy. I rarely blog anymore. I am not sure if I miss it though. :)
    I just followed you on Instagram.