Monday, October 22, 2012

Bee Blocks Galore

I used this weekend to get caught up on a lot of bee blocks. And I mean A LOT. The Lone Star(Burst) Bee Blocks I actually started when I was in Nashville. Of course, I didn't have any fabric with me, but I was able to sneak away for a half hour and run into a lock fabric store. I was shocked at the markup. Seriously, they were selling Echino for $30 a yard! That seems way over priced to me. So I limited my purchases to essentials for these blocks. I didn't really get much work done on the blocks while I was on the road, aside from getting the fabric cut for each. I did attempt to start a few of them, but didn't get far at all, so this weekend I made all eight of them. Phew! I love these blocks but they are incredibly time consuming!


Back in July, Anna asked for some low volume blocks and that became a theme in the bee. I love low volume quilts so I was more than happy to oblige. When August rolled around our lovely feel mamas realized that many of us were behind so they allowed August as a catch up month. I know, it's October and I'm just now caught up. But I made these lovelies for Leslie...


And a couple for Melissa...


Then finally two more for Pat...


Now I'm all caught up! Phew. So I also was behind in the Sew Fun Bee. In August Dena asked for Scrapbuster Blocks with any color solid background. I noticed no one had sent her a purple block yet, so I made one. It looks like it's Kona Ash in the picture but it's actually a light lavender background.


Then, for September Heather wanted String blocks with Kona White centers. These blocks are so easy, I made her two. 


So with the exception of one set of blocks for September, I am officially all caught up. October is my month in the Sew Fun Bee and we don't have Lone Star(burst) commitments until November so I can breathe a little easier. This traveling for work thing did not help me one bit!

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