Monday, August 13, 2012

do. Good Stitches Host Swap Sent


I can finally reveal what I made for my secret partner in the do. Good Stitches Host Swap. I was matched up with Erica, who hosts the Wish Circle. And you want to hear something funny? She practically lives down the street from me! I was halfway tempted to just show up on her doorstep with my package, but I thought that might be a little creepy, so I mailed it instead.


One of the things on Erica's wish list was a sewing machine cover for her Janome. And since we're both sewing on the same machine, I was able to use mine for reference. And after a little bi of stalking I settled on hand piecing a couple Joseph's Coat blocks and hand appliquéing them onto yarn-dyed linen (her favorite) for the design.


I've never made a sewing machine cover before, so I kind of winged the construction. I made the main panel from one long piece of the linen and quilted it with a neutral solid backing - sort of a quilt as you go method. Then I cut the two side pieces and quilted them in the same manner, also adding pockets to each side. I then attached each side with Y-seams, so the main body of the cover had a continuous look.


Finally, I made the inner lining in the same method from the linen (save for quilting) and tacked the corners together internally so the lining wouldn't fall. Then I finished the raw edges with binding, as you would a quilt. I think I might have to make one of these for myself.


Of course, I added in some extras for Erica, including fabric, thread, buttons and tools. I also sent her a little card encouraging her to come and meet me at a LAMQG meeting sometime. It's always nice having sewing buddies nearby! So, here's to another successful swap. I swear, one of these days I'll cut back. But they're hard to resist. They're just so much fun!


  1. It's awesome...I love the orange/ green/ brown color combo

  2. You did such a great job, I love it! It fits into my sewing area (aka my dining room!) perfectly. And those scissors are awesome, I love them already :)

  3. She's going to love that cover and the goodies with it. :D

  4. This is lovely. Something she will cherish!